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Some good, some bad

This newfound world of polyamory has been both exhilarating and disappointing at different times. Definitely more positive, but like any experience, there are negative factors to consider.

Take, for instance, our first trip to a lifestyle club. We were very excited, but had a really negative experience with a guy who was way out of line with Jess in a private room, not stopping when she asked him to stop. She basically had to kick the guy in the nuts. She didn't tell me until we had left, probably because I would have gotten arrested for assaulting the guy. I wanted to file a report, but like many women, she didn't want to file a report due to lack of proof. Pretty big negative.

On the other hand, we have met a few really nice couples. We had a fucking blast with one couple, but we realized that it is A) pretty fucking loud in a hotel room when 4 people are fucking, and B) it's really hard to focus when there is another couple going at it right next to you. As I was informed by more seasoned couples before this evening, most guys have trouble keeping an erection the first several times due to sensory overload. This was very true, which is ironic as hell since I've had thousands of unwanted boners in my life.

We fucked a British woman who was about 10 years older than me. It was ok, but threesomes are always tricky as one person is always trying to figure out what to do.

This brings me to solo dating. Jess has had overwhelming volume on tinder, but while she's found lots of hookups, she's found it difficult to find a regular secondary partner. I have been the complete opposite. I have found one solid secondary whom I have yet to have sex with, and have two others that are decent prospects.

The next month or two should be very telling as to our future in the lifestyle/poly world.

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13:46 - 10.18.18


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