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Into the Great Wide Open

The days are blurring, yet dragging on endlessly. Always a month behind, kids getting older, and marriage was getting sort of vanilla.


We opened our horizons and radically altered our relationship in the most amazing way I could have ever imagined. We had flirted with polyamory before, but just couldn't decide on making the leap. When we finally did it, it was the most liberating experience we've had together.

I think we're programmed by society to bind emotional relations with sexual relations, when they are not meant to be tethered together. The bond we share now by way of sharing each other with the greater world around us has brought us so much closer together.

Looking back on my religious education, I'm beginning to believe that polyamory was a lot more common in biblical times than we were led to believe. Now I have some research to do.

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21:53 - 08.01.18


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