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Time Travel on the Bay

Some times, you just really need a hike. It has been well over a month since my last hike. Much like Catholics go to confession every so often to absolve themselves of Catholic guilt, I need to go be alone with nature.

I feel an ancient connection when I am alone in a forest, or a bluff overlooking the bay. It's a feeling of homecoming from where my energy originated. I whisper my confessions and absolve myself of the stress and worry that do not exist in the wild. I think I will go this weekend to the Turkey Point Lighthouse trail. It is only 10 minutes from our home, but it feels a thousand miles away. The trail winds on the bluffs overlooking the merger of the North East River and the Chesapeake Bay, just as it was centuries ago.

This is time travel enough for me.

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12:34 - 02.16.18


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